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Joseph Lane

Picture of Joseph Lane, owner of Digital lane.

Hi, I am Joseph, owner, and operator of Digital Lane. Digital Lane is the product of my desire to help organizations and businesses navigate the ever-change digital landscape. I have a particular interest in the nonprofit and small business sectors, they are the markets I feel most connected to. That said, my services and support are offered to whoever is looking for help. We are all in this together.

I have been interested in social media, and digital marketing since 2010. Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook opened my eyes to tremendous opportunities there are within social media to create, share, and discover ideas. Fast forward to 2020. I don't have to explain to anyone how tumultuous things were then and frankly continue to be now. The ideas of change and the new normal were constant in my mind. I applied to study digital marketing at Eastern College. In January of 2021, I quit my job (with the help, and blessing of my amazing partner Katrin). By March I had created Digital Lane. Things are moving fast. The road is twisted, but I couldn't be more excited to help everyone that needs it.

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