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My partner and I, who both work from home, have found a new home and have been slowly, sometimes painfully moving from our current location in Greenwood to the new one in beautiful Waterford. It is my hope that this big change will be the beginning of a new chapter for Digital Lane.

Digital Lane has been growing the last few months faster than I could ever imagine. There is one project in the works that I am excited about but isn't quite ready to launch. There will be more on that front soon. I am pleased to announce that I am helping Agnes and the fine folks at Smiths Cove Cottage, who are set for a grand opening on May 24! Finally, Digital Lane, with help from Half Twelve made a proposal to help a business on the South Shore. It looks like all that is holding that project up is funding. Fingers crossed.

As some of you might know, I am still in fact, in school. I graduate in August from Eastern College with a diploma in digital marketing. The idea that I would be as busy as I am, with real clients, this early in my career change amazes me. Thank you to all that have believed in me, contacted me for help, and continue to support Digital Lane and its growth. You all rock. Much love!

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