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OK, Now What?

Last week I graduated from Eastern College with a diploma in Digital Marketing! Woot! Right on! I did it! A year and a half with my nose in the books (ok, ok eyes on a computer screen) and now I am finished. I did pretty well. I won't brag too much about my marks, but I am pretty proud of them. It was a nice ride. I liked the routine of reading and assignments, I enjoyed weaving school in with my family and work life. It was a challenge, but a fun one.

But what now?

I now have a piece of paper that proves that I have the academic chops to be a modern digital marketer. I am legit. Until last week, I had to rely on my gained experience and the idea that I was learning as I go to convince new clients that Digital Lane was a good option for them. Frankly, school was a bit of a security blanket. It meant that I didn't really have to be all in. I was still a student. Digital Lane was just my side gig. Well, we're live now... so, WHAT NOW?

Research, there is always research. Which organizations should Digital Lane join? Which online, or traditional directories should it appear on? SEO!?! How, without breaking the bank do I get Digital Lane to reach the top of the page when folks, for example, search for Digital Marketing in Digby and Annapolis Counties? Which keyword combinations work? Should Digital Lane use traditional marketing techniques for promotion? Fliers? Newspaper ads? Where are potential new clients hanging out? How are they reached? What services should be offered to them? Pricing? There are more questions than answers. That's part of the fun.

The short answer to the question what now, is it's time to get to work. It's time to truly focus on Digital Lane. The last couple of years have been spent, primarily focusing on school, and the promotion of other people's work. It is now time for Digital Lane to spread its wings. What now? Now we fly!

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