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Welcome: A love story (repost)

Well hi there. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am truly excited that your eyes are (re)reading the very first post on the Digital Lane blog (now housed on What is Digital Lane? Who are we? Am I? That is what I am going to try and explain today. Digital Lane is a love story of sorts.

My name is Joseph Lane. For years I worked in the service industry. I was a server, a bartender, and a bar manager. It was what I was good at. I can pour a pint, crack a joke, and disarm a drunk. Easy peasy. It was a world I knew. Was I happy? Not really, but I was in my comfort zone. I was doing what I knew. My life ebbed and flowed. There were good times, and bad. But then I met Katrin. Katrin challenged me to be better. She believed in me no matter my misgivings. She was willing and able to support me as I broke from my comfort zone and changed career paths. With her love and gentle guidance, I decided to become a digital marketer.

Like many love stories, babies are made. Digital Lane, is that baby, it is still in its infancy. It is brand new, trying to figure out its place in this world. It will need to be handled with kid gloves. Mistakes will be made. Hurdles will need to be leaped. But it will get there. Digital Lane will blossom because it is a labour of love. Ok, great, now that I have made you feel all mushy. And yes, I want you to fawn over me. I want you to like me. I need to earn your trust. If I am going to be the person that you entrust with digitally marketing your business, you need to believe I will always be on your side. And I will. Just like Digital Lane is my baby, your business is just as important to you. You deserve someone that cares just as much about its image, and success as you do. I promise to always try my best to respect your wants and needs. This is your journey. You are the voice of your business, I am simply the megaphone. Finally, a little more about me; Katrin and I live, work, and study in beautiful Waterford NS. I am studying digital marketing at Eastern College. So yes, I am a newbie and learning. I have, however, been a social media manager for various small businesses, and a published marketing copywriter for over 10 years. Having also worked in the service industry for 20 years, mostly in the beautiful town of Annapolis Royal, I have grown passionate about local business and building strong relationships between small business owners. I believe strongly, that we are all in this together. Communities grow stronger when we support local enterprise. I want to help small, local businesses have their voices heard above the noise. I want to see booming downtown cores. I want to help you sell your labour of love. Let's work together. Let's make our communities bloom. There is a new dawn coming. Let's make our own new normal, together. If you have read this blog post and would like to work on a project with me I can be reached by commenting on this post, or sending me an email; Let's start the journey together.

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